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  • Zachary Mazur

2023 in Review

This has been a huge year. Lots of travel, lots of new experiences and a ton of enriching events. 

All told, I gave 44 lectures in five countries, attended and contributed to 6 conferences and workshops, and submitted 5 pieces to journals and collected volumes.

Publishing timelines being what they are, I also had a few pieces come out this year, including:

Mini-States and Micro-Sovereignty: Local Democracies in East Central Europe, 1918-1923,” Contemporary European History (Vol. 32, Issue 2, 2023).


Me speaking to a group of high school students at Fort Nine in Kaunas, Lithuania

You can watch my lecture on disinformation at the Museum of Jewish Heritage that took place in November:

And my online lecture on shtetl life in partnership with the Eldridge Street Museum in New York:

Looking forward to lots more exciting work in 2024!

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