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Updated: May 13

Years ago, a friend of a friend asked me and my wife to do some translation work. He was a movie producer, but the information we were allowed was very sketchy. It was a new project, little was known about it at the time. But we working with witness testimony from a woman who was just a teenage girl during World War II. She was a from a mining town near Auschwitz. At night she would traverse through the woods and leave pots of food for the starving prisoners. This was her act of resistance against the Nazi occupation regime.

As it turned out that movie was Zone of Interest. The movie, written and directed by UK filmmaker Jonathan Glazer, focuses on the Höss family, the Germans who lived "normal" lives in the shadow of the concentration and death camps at Auschwitz.

Sunday March 10 was Oscar night, and Glazer's team took home a couple Oscars. Polish TV wanted to do some segments on it, partly because it was a co-produced by a Polish outfit.

TVP World, the Polish public broadcaster's English-language arm, invited me to comment on Holocaust films and representation. But they didn't know when they asked me to come on that I had a small part in making the movie. The interview is below. There's plenty more to say on the topic, but our time was limited.

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